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Jumaat, 16 April 2010

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“For this Design I wanted not just to create a banner that could be used in any kind of blog like music, personal thoughts, design, philosophy, science, history or any other, but also passing through a deep meaning. There are some questions about humanity that really intriguing me since my early days. Where do we come from? Where are we going? And what is our mission here.
The banner concept is not trying to give an answer for these questions, but is actually trying to reflect these questions on user’s subconscious. So I developed the evolution idea to reflect our mission as humans. From left to right I try to show some steps of evolution process, since prehistoric history until these days.
R Evolution in Blog Headers For Free Download
All big changes in human history were produced by revolutions. For that fact I Use [R] incorporated in the title. So users can read evolution and at the same time also read revolution. Evolution-Revolution. Revolution can also be noted in the design with the revolutionary Flag contradicting with the peace symbol within, French soldiers and the atomic bomb. All evolution process is being pushed by an elephant, which is a strong animal that exists from a long time ago. This idea is to create movement and consequently reflect the questions where do we come from? And where are we going? The elephant baby is also there to represent the different generations along the evolution path.
On the right side of the banner there’s a glimpse of what I believe will be the future. Human mind uses just 15% of his brain capacities, so when humans will use 100% I’m sure we can easily travelling around the universe 10 times or more the speed light, conquering new worlds… This fact is presented by the astronaut starting traveling to the universe (present) and the UFO on the top dropping small spaceships (future connections). For enhance mystery I used a blue light.
This banner is better viewed in a black background.” Designed by João Filipe Cunha, Portugal.

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